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    eShopSystem s.r.o. is enterprise, which apart from offering services to its clients, also provide internships and work based learning activities for students and people without any working experience and integrate them into the working process as valid members of the team. The majority of our interns are between 18 – 30 years old however we provide trainings also to older ones. Our trainees realize their internships and gain first working experience in the field of online marketing, web design, online sales activities, e-shop creation email marketing, PPC campaigns, Facebook management, SEO optimisation, computer programming works, 3D models applications and visualisations, photomontages, graphics works, e-shop based entrepreneurship, invoice and orders management, business conditions and legislation in e-commerce, domain management, use of analytical tools for web management and other activities related to e-commerce and web creation.

    We dispose of experienced and qualified mentors who work in our enterprise or affiliated enterprises in the same sector for many years, transfer their knowledge and experience to the trainees, lead them during the internship, and are responsible for trainees’ performance, progress and evaluation. We focus on the individual approach to every trainee.

    We are responding to current wide-spread problem of people who have difficulties to find a job caused by lack of working experience or by living in disadvantaged and rural areas. We give the possibility to young workers, women, students, people from disadvantaged or rural areas or people with lack of suitable experience for the labour market, to have first valid working experience in ICT, online business, web design, online marketing and other fields of our enterprise specialization. In many cases, we are able to place newly trained and motivated young people with excellent working results into affiliated enterprises who we cooperate with.

    Further, we build in the learners the entrepreneurship mind, independence and creativity and many of them, after finishing the internship at our organisation, start their own business, mostly in the field of online sales, online marketing or more generally in ICT. In this way, also women, unemployed or people living in areas with high unemployment rate (rural areas) can start their job ICT modern technology when running their e-shop, making programming works, online marketing or other computer based works.


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