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    Youth and Culture Foundation (Fundación Juventud y Cultura) is a non-profit and private Foundation that looks for achieving the follow objectives:

    [*]to promote the participation young people and adults in European projects;
    [*]to bring the European educative policies closer to the civil society;
    [*]to promote a better knowledge about the European Union policies and the EU in general;
    [*]to support a better employment among young people and adults through the participation in European projects;
    [*]to foster the participation of European citizens in local, regional, national and European politics.

    The main activities of the Foundation are:

    [*]organisation of courses, seminaries and other training activities;
    [*]providing technical support in writing projects (mainly in the framework of European programmes) for public and private bodies;
    [*]promoting social inclusion through European projects and European activities;
    [*]promoting social and economical development, fostering entrepreneurship and enhancing labour market access with no discrimination.

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